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About us


Cardiology Surgery Hospital India is the best multidisciplinary Superspecialty hospital in Central India. Our hospital symbolizes a state of the art, high quality care and world class infrastructure. Our hospital is a place of physical, mental and spiritual healing where the medical team strives to care for patients with compassion, care and dignity.

Cardiology Surgery Hospital India ensures to provide efficient access to specialty and hospital services whenever the need for the cardiology surgery arises. The different cardiology surgery includes complicated coronary artery bypass surgery, bypass surgery and all types of valvular surgery. The commitment of our Cardiologits for treating heart diseases gave better outcomes and this has led to a higher success rate comparable to the international standards.


We strive to establish a world class institute in cardiac health care and stay ahead with the latest technology and best medical practices, thereby fulfil the need for the long felt true super specialty healthcare in Central India.


To excel in the chosen field of medicine and become a “Temple of Healing” for patients by providing ethical, state of the art facilities, compassionate and comprehensive patient care through the deployment of modern equipment and latest technology as well as a professional expertise in an ambience full of respect and care for life and human dignity.


CITIUS ALTIUS FORTIUS – To create optimum quality conditions for healthcare professionals to achieve higher goals in both the clinical and research field as there is always space at the top that is waiting to be scaled.


Cardiology Surgery Hospital India is a temple of healing, committed to provide reliable, ethical and high quality medical services at affordable costs. We are obliged to offer the best treatment efficiently within the shortest time period at minimum cost. We are relentlessly building the bedrock of excellence in the Hospital by continuously refurbishing its space, installing the modern medical equipments and injecting dedicated professionals so that our world-class doctors can discharge their duties and responsibilities in a hassle-free environment.

We intend to strive continuously for the improvement in the quality of the health care services to ensure complete patient satisfaction. Our cardiologists are committed to preventing and treating the heart diseases which has led to achieving better outcome and improve the quality of life for the cardiac patients across the globe. The executives at our institute are responsive, efficient and caring. We have caring and compassionate nursing staff and technicians coupled with doyens for consultants in the respective field of medicines with never ending focus to deliver the patient centric services by providing excellent medical services round the clock.