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cardiology surgery hospital india
cardiology surgery hospital india
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TE-CABG procedures

The CABG procedure is used for the revascularization of heart muscle. When a patient's coronary arteries are blocked or narrowed, adequate blood and oxygen cannot reach the heart muscle, and damage occurs. The CABG procedure uses patent arteries and/or veins as a conduit to bypass the blocked or narrowed artery and reperfuse the heart muscle with oxygenated.

FACT Surgery is experienced in performing this procedure both on and off Cardiopulmonary Bypass. Bypassing the heart and lungs during surgery, using a Cardiopulmonary Bypass system, is often necessary in order to obtain a still and bloodless field, while maintaining adequate hemodynamics. However, there are many cases where we can perform this surgery off Cardiopulmonary Bypass (Off Pump), decreasing the patient's risk of postoperative complications

We are skilled in endoscopic vein harvesting, vastly decreasing the size of the graft site incision and risk for infection. Common vessels used as grafts during the CABG procedure are the bilateral internal mammary arteries, radial arteries, and saphenous veins.