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Cardiac surgery or heart surgery is conducted to correct defects or problems in the heart that can otherwise not be corrected through medication. Millions of individuals undergo heart surgery each year. This surgery may be done to widen or bypass narrowed or blocked arteries or replace or repair valves controlling blood flow through the heart. This surgery can also be done to implant devices so as to regulate rhythm of the heart or to repair aneurysms. With the development of medical facilities in India Cardiac surgery India has become a practical and dependable option for those suffering from debilitating cardiac problems.

Who requires Cardiac Surgery?

Cardiac surgery may be required by individuals having problems in their heart which cannot be corrected through medication. These problems may include damage to the valve, blockages in the heart etc. The requirement for surgery also largely depends on the symptoms experienced by the patient along with the severity of the symptoms. In case of blockages the severity as well as location of the blockages also determines whether cardiac surgery is required.

With increasing advances in Cardiac Surgery India has become a logical destination for these surgeries. However not all patients can be good candidates for cardiac surgeries. In order to undergo a cardiac surgery it is important that the patient is below the age of 70 years and is in good physical state or condition. The right candidate should also not smoke and should not be overweight by more than 30 pounds. The candidate should also have a caregiver who understands the seriousness of the disease and is willing to make lifestyle changes that can help over the long term. Other factors that are also considered before opting for cardiac surgery include the history of any health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Are there types of Cardiac Surgeries?

The type of treatment done largely depends on the problem, the severity of the condition and the symptoms. Among the different types of surgeries coronary artery bypass grafting is done to bypass the blocked arteries within the heart by using the healthy arteries as well as veins from other areas of body. Valve replacement surgery is another surgery done to repair leaflets in the valve that are responsible for allowing blood flow. A problem in the valves may cause the blood to flow back into the chambers. Other surgeries include aneurysm repair, placement of pacemaker etc. With increasing medical development in India several hospitals including offer these specialized surgeries to patients.

Cardiology Surgery Hospital India provides options to patients who require cardiac surgery. Patients can not only understand their condition in detail but also get information on the best hospital in the country providing these surgeries at prices that are affordable compared to the high costs associated with the surgeries in foreign countries.